Your suggestions or ideas to make grasshopper a better place

I a m making this topic for anyone who wants to express any ideas to make grasshopper a better app. Please do leave your suggestions


I think adding one or two other programing languages will be good.


Okay I understand​:sparkling_heart::grinning::grin::kissing_heart::heart::pray::pray::sweat_smile::blush::confused::sparkling_heart::grinning::clap::balloon::package::package::smirk::tada::revolving_hearts:

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Yeah I agree Gabriella you have a technical eye

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I would appreciate a Glossary of terms accessable from the menu. Some of the ideas and concepts get rushed out and it would be nice to have something in-app that could clarify things if you forget.

En vez de precionar un boton, seria mucho mejor escribir uno mismo el codigo, o almenos la linea que se quiere completar en el codigo que dan en cada ejercicio