Word vs 'Word' in Which drinks and Which word

“Which drinks” answer implies that print('juice') prints juice.
Yet “Which word” answer says that print('word') prints word (with no quotes).
Which one is correct?

Hey there, great question! I see how that’s understandably confusing.

Quotes are used in Which Word to show that the string 'word' will be printed rather than the variable word. The quotes are used to differentiate the two.

When a string is printed to the console, the console won’t show any quotes around it. For example, print('hello') will just show the text hello. This is why Which Drinks doesn’t have quotes in its answer.

Hope this clarifies things! Let me know if you have any questions.

Yeah, but the question in Which Word and in Which Drink is exactly the same, “What will be the output of this code”, and technically the output doesn’t have quotes in both cases, and yet in one case the choices presented have quotes and in other they don’t.

Thinking of which, the Which Drinks suggested answer is incorrect as well due to semicolons, but I’ll open another issue for that.

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