Will I also learn actual js coding from grasshopper?

I leaned few initial lessons and stages but when I tried these commands on js editor, none of them worked ! From support forum, I came to know that grasshopper has its own design of function and codes. So I need to know below points -

  1. When I be able to code in actual js editor with actual codes ?
  2. Will grasshopper teach me actual coding also ?


Abhidha sharma

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Hey there, that’s great that you’re already practicing what you’re learning!

We use a few custom functions that we wrote in JavaScript for use within the app, for example, drawBoxes(), pickRandom(), and print().

We use these in our fundamentals courses to help teach difficult concepts, but move away from them as the curriculum progresses. For example, in Fundamentals II, you’ll learn to use console.log() instead of print().

You can read more about our custom functions in this post.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for helping an eleven year old girl