What's the Weather?

Did they mean to write tomorrowWeather in the 2nd if statement?

This question is confusing and appears incomplete as written.

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You don’t have to focus on the declaration of the variable ‘tomorrowWeather’, because both If statements is comparing the variable ‘todayWeather’ with the string ‘rainy’.

The difference between those two statements is that the first statement is checking whether ‘todayWeather’ is equal to ‘rainy’. For the second statement, it’s checking whether ‘todayWeather’ is not ‘rainy’.

I hope that helps! :grin:

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This helped immensely! Just needed it explained further for me to understand. Thanks!

@Aodh_Quigley “tomorrowWeather” Will not be included into this quiz.

i think it is going to rain to today