What to do after you finish Grasshopper

Hi there,
I am 13 years old and have finished Grasshopper. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do next to improve my coding?


Hi Sophia,

Heather wrote a post about some online courses you can try out. We’re also working on more puzzles and challenges that you’ll be able to solve pretty soon.

Getting through the whole app is a big accomplishment – great job!



Hey, pl tell me that how to crack rainbow hopper puzzle.

If you haven’t solved it yet, take a look at the Rainbow Hopper explainer in the Puzzle Explainer category.



Thnks for grasshopper. Great puzzles had fun filled 4 days finishing to animations ii. Wish theres more. Whats next?


In case you didn’t see Heather’s post. There will also be some new puzzles out soon!



Some d3.js resources oriented at svg animation not pies and charts and data Visualization?

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Ok I can help it took me a while too but I got it. Here:

Maybe try some code in the Playground? :slight_smile:

Why is my trophy showing 2422. And when I went and checked I saw that there is level 9 and it should 3000 trophy I am sending a screen shotScreenshot_20190217_210146 Screenshot_20190217_210205

@Sophia_L I am also a 13 year old boy. I had finished the app in 1 month has still to do more

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