What should I do

Hi I am 13 years old what shall I do next in this grasshopper. I found that Heather maam had send a message based on some more coding. Is this coding classes free? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Is there any other app I can code

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Hey Reuben,

To my 1 month experience, the Grasshopper app is totally free.
And in my opinion this is far better from Sololearn, Mimo and Sketchware. I have experience in all of them.

The Grasshopper brakes everything and explains what you are doing.
Mimo and Sketchware doesn’t.
Grasshopper has small dosages of studies for a single day.
Sololearn gives huges chunks and assumes that you remember it all.

The Grasshopper let’s you try those codes and gives a hint AND has an explanation with correct code if you click on the “are you stuck?” option.

So, I really recommend that you stay here.


Thanks for the help. I searched for apps which teach us javacripts so that I saw solo learn. They force us to download their new apps. They do sent teach anything

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No problem Reuben,

Most applications that I have tried to learn coding have been too difficult for some reason.

They gives too much to remember and expects us to know them all.
It’s like they try to teach you, but then forget that we’re just rookies. They begin to teach us like you should already be an expert.

And most applications begin from the smartphone and sooner or later tell you to go further with a computer.
I’m using my smartphone with everything, so I don’t want to go do it with my computer

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Same to me. I am just a 13 year old boy. I cannot remember all the stuff. So I read the newspaper found about this. This app is just awesome

Hi @Reuben🙋🏽‍♀️

I have just started with Grasshopper app. But I use other coding apps as well. It’s been my experience that the apps’ goal is to get us interested in coding. They are designed to hopefully be fun, so we will continue with the apps. So we are basically learning what is possible with the codes we are learning.

For more indepth study and for more challenging projects, other resources need to be sought out. Coding books, website material, and coding communities are examples.

But you are just 13 years old. Just have fun learning code, until you have discovered what you want to do with what you are learning.

Other Coding apps:


Than you for your help. I had used the solo learn app. It ask us to download new apps of them so I uninstalled


Hey Reuben and Talcre_arts

I agree that we need to expand to other platforms to learn more about coding.

So I went to look at those 3 examples, like codecacademy, on Google play store.
And as I have said before, I am doing everything with my smartphone. So the codecacademy’s mention that “the application is to support their website”, isn’t good for me.

I went to look for similar applications, and found the Programming Hero app
(https://goo.gl/rsa4jD )

This has the same abilities as the Grasshopper app.
The need to stream in days, but the points you get will lift yourself on rankings.
And this application teaches you to make games using Python.

So I’m trying it out.
I hope that the app doesn’t stop and ask to leave the smartphone and go to your computer. Or ask for 29,90 $ a month, or something like Mimo did.


Okay folks,

The time has come, I have gotten to the end of practices.
And I’m happy to have finished these lessons, it’s been fun to think and gotten through them.

And I’m happy to have found that Programming Hero app today, because I need to go learn more coding skills.

My skills improved with the Grasshopper app, for example it’s quite seldom I needed to check out the “unstuck” choises. I begun to want to learn more.
I did ask grasshopper Devs that what’s next, and can I make my own applications when I’m finished?
No I can’t make apps now, and I’m hoping that this Programming Hero app will prove otherwise.
It says that I will make a game in the end.

And I’m hoping that the Grasshopper team will continue their lessons to actually code something with the lessons. And give us choices where to continue.
If you want to know more, I can give you ideas. Just message me back.

I say over and out!