Veribel Scope - I got stuck in the mission!

I’m very happy with your app.
But unfortunately I got stuck in the mission!
I have given many coded helpers and everyone claims that there is no possibility of “VAR” or “+”
I’m in Chapter 2
Veribel Scope

Hey there, use the let key to create a local variable. Give it whatever name and value you want, and the puzzle should complete.

Hope this helps!

That’s exactly what I’ve done over and over again!
But claims that it is not working.
Maybe it’s a bug?

Hey there, it looks like a bug to me! I’ve seen this happen to another user. We’re working on a fix for this issue.

Send in a bug report through the app (not through this forum). Go to the Variable Scope lesson where you are experiencing the bug and tap on the top-right menu button (the 3 dots). Then tap on Send Feedback, then Report a Problem.

When you submit a bug report, I can access your Grasshopper profile and unlock the next puzzle for you. That way you can skip this lesson and continue with the course.

Hope this helps,

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