Variable scope exercise

Var x = 10;
If (x > 5) {
Let x = 1;
}else {
Let x = 0 ;

This code prints out 10 but I don’t understand how?
If x is greater than 5 than x”should be” 1, right?
If it is less than 5 x “should be” 0. Since X is 10 shouldn’t it print out a “5”?

If someone could explain this to me I oils greatly appreciate it.

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You used ‘‘let’’ not ‘‘var’’. ‘‘let’’ only works inside the code block(’’{ }’’) where it is find.So inside the if statement, x has been change form 10 to 1 but this value ‘‘1’’ stays inside the { }, so the ‘‘print(x);’’ is not using 1 but 10 as the value of x as for the ‘‘print()’’, x has not been change.
In order for 1 to be printed out, the ‘‘print(x)’’ should be inside the ‘’{ }’’ below the ‘‘let x = 1’’.


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Hey, @Michael_Edwards. I see a problem. Inside both “if” and “else” block, you are using let not var. let statement only works inside the code block so the output will be 10. Try replace let statement with var element.

Hope that helps!

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it does not work for me