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I am finding there are some differences between Desktop App and Mobile App versions of Grasshopper.

  1. In case of Mobile App, after the puzzle ‘How many blue’, there is a topic, ’ * Used a function’. This is
    just an explanation for ‘function’. I guess this is displayed in the sequence to inform the student that
    he learnt about the ‘function’ concept.

  2. But in case of Desktop version, ‘* Used a function’ does not show up in the sequence after
    ‘How many blue’. Instead it shows next topic ‘Gabonese Flag Helper’ directly. However, We can
    click on ‘function’ link under ‘instructions’ and read about ‘function’ concept.

Not sure, if this can be shown in desktop version as well. Showing ’ * ’ topics will help to track if the student ‘read’ the topic or not.

Due to 1 image limitation, I could not attach ‘desktop verion’ image in earlier message.
Uploading the same…

Very true! However, the desktop version doesn’t have some of those types. But there’s one thing only desktop has: Guide.

Hey there, the web and mobile versions of Grasshopper vary a little bit. Some of the features from mobile that are missing on web will be eventually added, while others will remain exclusive to the mobile app.

In this case, what you’ve noticed is our Achievements feature, which is not currently on our website.

Hope this clarifies things!

Thank you, Ben for your prompt response. We started encouraging rural children in the Karnataka, India to learn coding grasshopper app. As most children may not have access to smart phones, We are asking them to use Desktop computers at school computer lab to access grasshopper app.
Good to know most of these features will be available in desktop version over a period of time.

Thanks !

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