Use str to write anything you want!

:raised_back_of_hand:Hello! My name is Heison (SHING HEI CHUI).”

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“Hello!! world My name is yoreme (Alfredo)”

:cold_face: :hot_face::crazy_face:::yum::ok:H :slightly_smiling_face: I THERE GUYS HERE

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@discobot and @Pummarin_The_gamer Great jobs! By @Alfredo_Javier_Alcar @SHING_HEI_CHUI @Junk_Creator @Fun_Maria_Makers @Fun_Maria_Recipes

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


new superstars(type loop === typeof if ( {
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E eu aq que so tentei fazer a logo do geometry dash lite e diz q é invalido e nem aparece o coisa oq tem de errado?