[US only] Share Your Story to Win a Pixel 3! (Through 12/13)

Celebrate #CSEdWeek!

We want the world to know anyone can learn to code. The more stories people hear, the more likely they’ll believe they can do it too.

Share your Grasshopper story on Twitter to help us inspire a new wave of coders.

If your post has the most likes and shares by December 13, 2018 7:59 PM, we’ll send you a Pixel 3 (US only**) so you can continue your Grasshopper journey with a shiny new device. Please be sure to include #MyGrasshopperStory and https://ghop.page.link/CSEdWeek in your post so we can count it.

Here’s an idea for what you might share:

#tfw you realize learning to code is … #MyGrasshopperStory #CSEdWeek Anyone can code! Try it at https://ghop.page.link/CSEdWeek

Happy CS Ed Week!

Laura, Grasshopper Founder

** We wish we could offer this to everyone, but sending phones internationally is more complex than we’d like.

Hi, I’m a fellow new coder. I was just wondering if you guys can send through FedEx or something, too bad I am not on US, if you ship to Canada through FedEx then I can also participate, I want to know if it’s possible or not. Thank you.

Sorry for the delayed response here! I didn’t see it come through.

So the issue isn’t shipping, it’s actually an issue with sending hardware across country lines. Gets into a bunch of tariff laws. To keep things simple, we’re just sticking with the US right now, but also thinking of ideas about how to run similar promos internationally.