Unable to log in with GWFE account

I am an IT Director at a school district and I have a teacher who wants to use this program. When she has the students try to use it, they cannot sign in using google. They get a Error 400. Can you help direct me to what the problem may be?


We are having the same issue at my district. I am a domain admin for a public school district. Our teachers can log in with Google but our students get Error 400 when they try.

In Google admin I have trusted grasshopper.app, but it has not made any difference.
Security > API Controls > App Access Control > Grasshopper > App Access

Any other suggestions?

Any update to this question? We have teachers requesting to use this with their classes, but are getting the same error. We are a GWFE Enterprise domain.

Our school district is having the same issue only for our Students OU in Google Workspace; it is perfectly functional for our Staff OU users. Obviously it is a user security setting we have in our Google Workspace for Education console that differs from our Staff OU, but I have made changes to the security settings for our test Student OU with no successful results, at this time. I have also not heard back from grasshopper-support@google.com, as well. We have multiple classes not able to use the Grasshopper.app site, so hopefully someone will have a response with a solution.

The issue is caused by Google’s “Age-based access settings.” I am able to reproduce the error by toggling on or off “Some or all users are under 18 years of age” and “All users are 18 or older”