Unable to enter *let* variable

Using desktop GH, keep getting the message “Tap ___ again to edit it” when selecting “amount” after clicking the entry point for the variable name.

Hey there, for naming things like variables and function parameters, tap twice on the underline to bring up the keyboard. Then enter the name manually.

You can have 2 variables with the same name (such as amount) if they live in completely different functions, and thus can’t see each other. However, you’ll still have to enter the name manually.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Ben–
Yes, many thanks! Yes, it solved my problem, but only because I left the web version of GH on my Pixelbook and went to the GH app on my Pixel 3 and followed your suggestion. I still can’t get it to work in the web version…but I’m moving on. Perhaps it’s a bug in the new web version.

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I was able to enter the variable name manually in the web version as well, using a similar technique. Thanks again.

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