Typography needs some work

The typographic conventions used in the Android app seem to be inconsistent or maybe just poorly styled. The code highlighting needs to be distinguishable so when reading a problem’s description/instructions, the user can easily understand whether the words if else refers to the JS construct or whether the words are part of the English sentence. Reading some of the problems was very confusing at times, because of the lack of proper code highlighting.

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Btw, I don’t mean to simply criticise the app. I do think it’s an amazing piece of work. There are a few areas of improvement, but overall, I think the app is great and I’m going to recommend it to those interested in learning to code.

One other suggestion I have (unrelated to typography) is that in Fundamentals, the jump to the “objects” lesson seems jarring. There doesn’t seem to be a good transition to what is generally considered a more difficult programming concept. A little bit of contextual explanation would’ve helped.

Hey @hungryghost,

Thanks for the feedback! Always appreciated :smiley:

I completely agree with you about code highlighting, we’re figuring out to better indicate that without making it look super ‘busy’.

Keep the feedback coming, it’s the only way we can improve!
H :slight_smile: