To model etfe with my structure

What I am trying to do:

Create ETFE inflated bubbles/membranes that form with my intended structure.
Basically I need to combine the two scripts in the grasshopper file that I attached.

What I have been able to do: 

I was able to use a script I got online that was able to make ETFE bubbles along my structure , but it only worked if I used an equation that would subdivide the surface into diamonds…. That is not my goal.
I want to use the structure that I have modeled using grasshopper (which I realize is a bit complicated and there is most likely in easier way to model what my intent was)
I tried to split the surface with the structure but this was too complicated and would not run. I even tried to bake the surface and structure in rhino and then split… Which worked but that when I went to and use “gginflatesurface” extension using bullart but that would not even work for a few of the surface segments.
I am new to grasshopper and I am finishing up my thesis and would love to understand how to get the surfaces to bubble the structures meet the surface. Please any help is appreciated.

It wont let me download the files here but you can find them at this link: Files