To include other languages

Include other languages such as python so that it will be useful

Hey @Karthi_Keyan,

Thanks for the suggestion! We’re focused on teaching core CS concepts through JavaScript right now. But we’re taking your feedback on board!

H :slight_smile:

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Please add the portuguese Brazil, but I read soul soul english

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We currently only have the resources to support one language, but thank you for letting us know about the demand for a Portuguese translation.



Yeah, can’t wait for put my 7yo son to play with Grasshopper!

Hi guys, do you have any plans to translate the courses in other languages? Or open for the community to help?


It would be great to have the app translated into multiple languages, but there are some details involved. The wording of different puzzles go through several rewrites during development and after release with the intention of making instructions and guidance as clear as possible. There are words and phrases that shouldn’t be translated, for example, names of functions and variables, as well as if and for depending on where they’re used.

The current workaround for translation is to copy/paste unknown words from the instructions into Google Translate. Hopefully this is serviceable enough for the time being.


hello, was wondering when are you guys gonna add a new language, and what language is it going to be

We’re currently working on creating more puzzles using JavaScript – sorry, no news about additional languages yet. However, the concepts taught in the courses can be applied to lots of other languages. Variables, functions, loops, if statements, objects, etc. are common to most programming languages. Once you’ve learned one, it’s a lot easier to pick up another one.


se podria hacer Grasshoper en Español?
O crearlo para windows y poder traducirlo gracias a Chrome?
podian poner el indice de ayuda en el mismo orden que en la aplicacion, para poder seguirlo aunque fuese directamente con el traductor de PC.
hasta ahora es la mejor aplicacion que he visto para aprender java script, y seria bueno que lo adaptaran para otros idiomas, porque estoy seguro que se crearia una comunidad gigantesca.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion!

Hello Grasshopper crew!
I love this learning game. I live in the Netherlands and would love to see a Dutch translation of the app. Especially for all the kids. (My kids included!)
Is there a way to help you guys with translating the app (or parts of it?)

Keep it up!

Hey @Mark_van_der_Linden,

Thanks for the feedback!

We’re not currently in a position to translate beyond English (things are changing too fast!), but appreciate the offer.

H :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the reply!

Good luck in developing/maintaining the app.
Awesome job so far!


It’s a shame, I would have liked that my French children can use it. We can not even copy / paste the instructions to translate them with Google translation. Congratulations for the app I find it very well.

Hey @Thierry,

Thanks for the feedback! Google translate isn’t always great when it comes to translating coding terms, but I agree with you that the option to copy and paste the instructions would be better than nothing.

Thanks for suggesting this, it helps us priortize new features going forward.

H :slight_smile:

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Hi, this app is great for those who wants to learn coding and I would want to help to make this app available in my language. If you want and provide me localization files I can provide Turkish localized strings. I m a junior IOS developer and my SolarPortal app is in the store in Turkish and English for reference. Thanks.

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Por favor coloque linguagem em pt br


Thanks for the feedback!

Por favor coloque tradução em português brasileiro.