Three Square Meals explainer

The aim of this puzzle: Print out what is for lunch.

Walkthrough of the solution: There are 3 variables in this puzzle: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are created using the var key, and then they are given a value to store using the = symbol. In this puzzle, each variable is storing a string.

You start out with the print(breakfast) command, and you see that it prints out 'Bacon & Eggs'.

The lunch variable is storing the string, 'Cajun Seafood'. If we used print('Cajun Seafood'), we would get the same output, but instead of using the string directly, we can use the lunch variable.

Sample code solution:
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var breakfast = 'Bacon & Eggs';
var lunch = 'Cajun Seafood';
var dinner = 'Dim Sum';

JavaScript Concepts: Identifiers, Calling Functions

Grasshopper Concepts: print()


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