This sucks so badly. >:O

If i i’m not mistaken, in the beginning you have the option of learning to make a game or website. After ending the game module, is there any way to start the web site module?

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Try resetting the progress or use another email id

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Hi Gabrieala. I really appreciate your answer. It helped a lot. I was affraid of losing my progress, but using another e-mail, i was abble to restart without losing progress.

After restarting I found out that there are other levels of dificulty, and that the complete course is in the ‘i’m curious option’

After restarting i discovered that no matter what you choose, the course is always the same… that is so sad ::pensive:

Yes man that’s true lol but what to do

Thankyou bro😁. It must be 20 characters so sorry for this

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