Thinking of a Number explainer

The aim of this puzzle: Print 'Correct!' if you correctly guess the mystery number.

Walkthrough of the solution: The If Statement has 2 parts: the test and the body (the code inside the curly brackets {}). The test is either true or false. The code in the body will only run if the code in the test is true. The test in this puzzle is myGuess === mysteryNumber. That is only true if the value of myGuess is the same as mysteryNumber. If those values are the same, that means you’ve correctly guessed the mysteryNumber, and you should print a congratulations message.

Between the curly brackets, add print('Correct!')

Sample code solution:
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var mysteryNumber = pickRandom(10);
var myGuess = 7;

if (myGuess === mysteryNumber) {

print('The mystery number was ' + mysteryNumber);

JavaScript Concepts: Binary Expression (+ concatenation), Assignments, Code Block (if statement)

Grasshopper Concepts: print()

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