Things needed to be a developer

What are the things or topics (besides programming language) i have to focus on to be a software developer.

Maybe You Should Look At This.
The Website Says That:
" Although there are a variety of programming languages for software development, aspiring developers will be well-served by mastering four essential languages: Java , Python , C++ , and Scala."


No i mean besides programming language. I know only programming language wont get u the job of software engineer

So Sorry About That. I Just Want To Help.

Git and GitHub, IoT, Cloud Computing, DNS, how internet works, and so on (depends on what role you actually want to be)


Before learning a language you need to be able to solve a problem ‘in the air’. You learn this with Flowcharts.

Depends on what kind of development you want to pursue. Such as game development entails in addition to knowledge of programming languages used for the scripts and various aspects of the game. Knowledge of graphic design for making the graphic images along with computer animation. Another would be in the use of map editing tools and some data entry experience can help. There’s also a good deal of math that is needed to be known especially with complex codes. Also the use of an IDE or some other programs such as the code editor notepad++ for windows would take time for learning how to use it. One of the first languages I used which was in highschool. Was Pascal using turbo Pascal which was both editor and compiler for the language within console for running the code created. Even later versions of dos included a text editor called edit along with qbasic. That could be edited or create new code using the editor which required some knowledge of using the editor. Fortunately the help in the menu provided a lot more information than what was expected including ASCII and extended ASCII characters with the numbers associated with them from the binary calculation