The right code. How to know that we are right?

With my recently edited code, i found that we can get the results that we want.
But how we goona know that we write a legit code???

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If the code works, it’s a good code. However, all good codes may not be accepted by the app as it wants you to write the codes in a particular way even though there maybe other ways to write them.


I need help understanding A function
Fundamentals II

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The fundamental II is one of the harder i have goes in grasshopper . If developer can make this app more intraction . And kinda fun and more easy coz if just miss a day to learn u forgot the most thing . And that why fundamental II leads me to leave the learning but I don’t and now iam on interviewing . And ya I just finished II

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eu consegui desfazer os erros de um código (debbunging) e o codigo rodou exatamente igual ao exemplo mas a tarefa nao se conclui por exig i r uma resposta identica à q eles querem. cansada.