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This is the Final Solution

This is the answer

hey, it worked on the exercise but it cant work in the editor

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Array [i] .length , you have everythjng inside the bracket

I don’t understand this question, I think I don’t even understand the basic concept.

Hi, Can someone tell me where I went wrong? I thought that I followed all of the instructions…

can anyone tell me where I am doing wrong?

@Rupam_Barman why does return statment have to be in that certain spot?

How are you doing with the grasshopper puzzles?

If u guys try this it will work for sure

I have followed the steps but still can’t complete the code :frowning:
Kindly help me out with this.
Thank you :slight_smile:

My Solution works, but I still can’t continue. Is this a bug?
What can I do now?

Try this method once :slightly_smiling_face:
Uploading: Screenshot_2022-08-25-16-51-57-028_com.area120.grasshopper.jpg…

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I am not sure how to get passed the [i] to make it if (array[i].length > bigword.length) so I want to make it look like this but I get to the array[i] but cannot add the word .length

I’m pretty sure I followed the instructions in the explainer and the ones in the previous lesson, I got it to work once before I had the wherewithal to screenshot that I made it work. And it gave me a blue error message because I didn’t make a blank variable, and now that I have done that and followed the instructions I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong at this point, please help

bro ur a smart guy thanks it took me 3 hours to figure this so thanks

This is the solution