The best way of practice on grasshopper

Can anyone suggest any practice plan kind of thing to make the most out of this?


It seems we are doing the “atom” particles of a greater work, with patience and our keeping after the “atoms” will eventually become bigger, more advanced, more complex " molecular structures" of the programming modules we’re working with now.


sometime you should try hitting F12 on a keyboard or Ctr+shift+I; it pulls up the code for whatever page you are on :smile:


Awesome feedback! Learning is fun! I love it


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Work a little bit at a time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Use your mobile phone so you can do it wherever you are. If you can, obsess a bit about it. If you’re still having problems, schedule a time. Finally, if these tips don’t work, reflect on why and ponder your level of motivation. After all, it is likely you have much more important things to do like taking care of mere survival or loving and taking care if the people around you. Or simple focus more time and effort on developing meaningful human relationships. That is arguably one of the tasks we should always prioritize.


Thanks… That was really helpful…


What is the equivalent shortcut to see the code using an Android mobile device?

is it bookmark because if you need to do some work then you can not even type it on google is gonna took like 2sec and like the other day your like wait i know where is my work i bookmark it so i need to go there and press bookmarks and then press the work that you needed to do and it took for me like 1sec bye

that is an shortcut that you can just like bookmark like you press the star and then it says bookmark it and then after that you press done and that is how it works

Thank you. But I am mostly on my mobile. So what is the equivalent code of it.

learning is the worst

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Sir please help me. I don’t solve this puzzle.

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Please help me to sort out this

The tip says newLastValue is not defined, and that you should use var to create it. So instead of mentioning the variable for the first time inside []s, you have to create it first.

I suggest you add a line after let lastIndex saying:

let newLastValue = lastIndex
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