Super-charge your coding skills!

You know that I am only 12 years old​:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

Can anyone help me, I need a scholarship from Canada, Switzerland or America. If you have any information about this please help me by reporting about it them (with the link), so that I can apply, within 1st April

Go on it has everything you need if you are looking to take it seriously without havung to pay. Go to colleges get a degrees or go to coding DOJO for an onlline bootcamp.

Go on for free resources. If you really need a scholarship from these countries look into becoming an exchange student. You are still so young so learn a lot while you can.

I am trying it, but the stupid age is what matters me the most. I wish I was more than 18 yrs old right now.

Thank you Google! Grasshopper gave me the push to start learning javascript, it felt so good finishing it! Now I’m using daily the suggested resources and have started learning React!

As someone mentioned, this adventure is just the tip of the iceberg! Happy learning!

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Thankyou very much. You can join us in the support forum to help others complete the levels, and if you wanna learn more, you can join the team of making an app, but for that, first I need to know which country you are from.

Hello there! I really liked the app but I am currently facing a problem outside of grasshopper. Whenever I write “svg.append” I can’t add any svg shape. I tried to download the files at but I still cant do anything.
Can you please point me any direction as to how can I keep using those functions to manipulate SVG outside of Grasshopper??

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I don’t think so, test it in other coding apps like so prescribed Mimo, Sololearn and etc. If it is common there too, it means it is a code or else it is just a reserved word, that is only used in grasshopper

I ended up finding how it works after a bunch of trial and error! I had to learn a bit of HTML first for me to understand it

Hello @kouty
You need enough amount of time to code, to practice, is important. In a pc is better.

Calm down @Anisha
You have starting in a good age to learn a lot. Your childhood will end. Enjoy the path, the life is fleeting.

@Giusley_Camilo Congrats! :clap:

You don’t understand. I mean it

It was a great app; and after finishing it, I love to see how can I improve myself. I wish a longer app with harder math problems because I saw them when I was learning python language. Also, I wish that I would see the input codes to make interactive and funny softwares. I hope you will update it soon :slight_smile:

Tks you for course Grasshopper.

I’d finished grasshopper in :v: months

Here, 1 month​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

2 months is a loooooooooong time

Thanks. I enjoyed a lot. I will be utilizing these in future. I am currently workig in content related job. I have done zero tech related course and I am from India,. Can you or someone suggest whether I have good days to come as I am 26+ years old but I have great enthusiasm towards and love coding. Also need your suggestions on which language I should pick to learn. Thanks once again Google for this initiative.

So, you can try python and Java for IT to work in TCS or Cognizant and HTML to build a website