Super-charge your coding skills!

So good…
I love to see grasshopper hoping
That sailed me through

Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face::hugs:! Perfect application to learn coding :+1:.

Thank you grasshopper

Thanks you a lot for your advice

Hi support, tks by this free intro app course. I’m a little frustrad because belived that course should be a Full way to became a Javascript programmer,but, It is not.

heck the link to karma, maybe it is broken.

Thank you for creating an app to help people understand coding better I have had a great experience while using this

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Thank you very much grasshopper team is free code camp is for kids ?

Mil gracias me gustó mucho la app​:blush::two_hearts:

Thank you very much. I use enjoyed myself in learning g with grasshopper, I have started the js on the desktop, kindly help to sync it with my mobile phone.

Can’t wait to start it…
Thank you

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Can you say a better free way for continuing Coding…I am 13 years old and My dream is to become a good Google Employee…

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¿Se puede empezar a programar el lenguaje de Javascript por celular? Y si es asi ¿Conoces alguna aplicación que pueda usar para empezar a hacer codigos?

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Thank you very much Grasshopper team. Along with Codecademy, you have provided me excellent support and inspired me to love JavaScript.

And thank you @Grasshopper_Heather for this post, which is very informative. Take care.

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[quote=“Grasshopper_Heather, post:1, topic:58, full:true”]
If you’ve enjoyed learning how to code with Grasshopper and want to take your skills to the next level, we’ve identified a number of options where you can continue your coding journey.

Take advantage of free resources online

The internet is full of tutorials, blogs, videos, newsletters, and forums that you can access for free.

Start by creating an account on a popular programming forum, such as Stack Overflow or Reddit’s r/learnJavaScript subreddit. This is a great way to learn from other users’ questions, ask some of your own, and to discover new learning resources.

For in-depth tutorials, and Khan Academy offer all of their content free of charge, they have courses and articles explaining both programming fundamentals as well as more advanced JavaScript concepts.

If you have a YouTube account, take advantage of all of the great programming channels available. Videos can be found for programmers of all skill levels, whether you wish you learn more about coding fundamentals or learn how to create a project.

Higher quality content can be found by searching for specific topics you want to learn, such as “for loops javascript” or “objects javascript”, rather than more general search terms like “intro JavaScript”. Consider avoiding videos with titles like “Learn JavaScript in 1 hour”, as these videos often teach very little. maintains an excellent YouTube channel, and is a good place to start.

Start a Project

There’s no better way to improve your coding skills than by writing code, so now that you have a good grasp on the fundamentals, try putting what you’ve learned into practice by starting a project.

For your first project, consider starting small, such as a simple personal webpage. All you need is a folder containing an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript file. When finished, you can host it for free on GitHub Pages. You may also try searching Google or YouTube for beginner-level project ideas.

For writing code outside of Grasshopper, try downloading a free text editor designed for programming. We recommend VS Code, though Atom and Sublime Text are also excellent.

You can write and run JavaScript in any web browser, or directly on your computer using Node.js. For help getting started in the browser, check out this beginner-focused guide from Mozilla’s MDN. For help getting set up with Node, this guide from JS Complete should get you started.

Working on a project is rewarding, but also a challenge. Don’t be discouraged when you inevitably experience frustration or get stuck. It’s a normal part of the process. Learn to get yourself unstuck by searching Google or Stack Overflow for solutions.

Online Courses

If a structured curriculum is more your style, there are a number of companies offering a mix of free and paid online courses teaching JavaScript and programming fundamentals, such as:


Coding bootcamps are a highly structured way to greatly advance your coding skills and prepare you for a job in the tech industry, such as full stack developer, user experience designer, data scientist, and more.

These programs can be very expensive, and results are not guaranteed. The explosion in popularity in bootcamps over the last decade has unfortunately led to the rise of bootcamps that promise a lot and deliver very little. Not all bootcamps are equal, so it is very important to do research when choosing a program.

CareerKarma is a great resource for more information on bootcamps, as well as help selecting a program.

Best of luck on your joure

Thank you Heather and grasshopper I have loved the app. I have started coding with your app and it helped me alot. I wish there should be more of this. Thanks alot​:slightly_smiling_face::pray::blush:

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Thanks grasshopper!! No mire lessons? :frowning: i am worry…

Resguarda Froome argentina

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:sunglasses: weyu job
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Udacity 89
Codecademy 200
Treehouse 165


I just completed grasshopper 6 levels, and just heard about
I checked their youtune channel and they have several videos about learning coding languages. Please tell me which language I should start with? I had some knowledge on html in high school, but i dont know it anymore.
So i was thinking about javascript.
Shoud i start with javascript?
This is the link:

Please help me choose a programming language to study.
Im new to coding.


Thanks a lot that was fun (and a little challenging :joy:) I’ve never coded in my life but this app has taught me JavaScript from scratch. I’ve loved this very much. I think I’m getting “addicted” coding now and that is a good problem to have. :rofl::rofl:


Me pasa exactamente lo mismo!!!
Un abrazo fuerte :hugs: