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I don’t know of any free apps other than Grasshopper, but there are apps like SoloLearn and Mimo that also teach programming on mobile devices.

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Thanks for letting me know.

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Hi would it make sense to start studying node.js after the fundamentals of JavaScript(like grasshopper), would studying node.js alone(after the grasshopper JavaScript fundamentals) make me a full stack developer?

Sure! Node.js is a big part of web development, as it allows JavaScript to run outside of a web browser. This means you can do stuff like write programs, set up servers, or even databases, all using JavaScript. Basically, you can get as simple or complex as you like.

There are loads of guides on YouTube to get you started, including how to install node. I also recommend learning the basics of the Command Line Interface (CLI), such as how to navigate between folders, create files, etc.

I haven’t watched this tutorial personally, but I trust that channel to have good content, so it’s probably a good place to start.

Good luck!


Thank you it helps a lot

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I have just arrived here and appreciate the breakdown of how, and where, to find further developmental resources. As I have just started the Grasshopper course, I have no need of your insight at the moment; I shall, however, return to you when I (hopefully) complete the course.

Thank you.

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Can we use the certificates got from Grasshopper App in Official Works ?

You sure can. The certificates show that you completed courses in our curriculum. You’re welcome to display them however you like!

Most of the courses on Coursera are available for free. You can enroll in them and start learning without paying a single buck. But if you want verified certificates either you pay the course fee or apply for a financial aid. You can check more about it on their official website

With respect, this is a disappointing ‘roadmap’. I always make the mistake of failing to consider where a course will leave me at its completion. Stack Overflow and Reddit are last resorts for specific questions, that’s really it. In general both, but reddit especially, should be avoided. I can appreciate the breakdown of areas to search, and the nods to general avenues on how to do so (use specific keywords/youtube/node.js etc), but for people used to searching for stuff online…this is still boiling down to “search google for an answer”. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a frustrating history of “searching google for an answer”, especially when it comes to learning something related to coding.

I Was hoping for a more streamlined guide here, we’re all at the same skill level afterall upon grasshopper completion, surely there’s a more detailed roadmap for us as a group…? i.e. complete grasshopper…then do this…then do this…then at this point you’ll have a beginner/intermediate proficiency etc.

What is the proficiency of someone who completes Grasshopper, in the google dev world? in the general coding world? If we understand what you taught us, inside out, we can for sure fully code from scratch an answer to one ‘old’ google interview question. What does that mean in the grand scheme? I realize that could have been promotional lipservice on your part and mean next to nothing, but I’d just like a sense of ,‘in general’, where completing grasshopper puts you…if that makes sense. Like if we categorize via being beginner/intermediate/advanced coders, are we now 50% through ‘beginner’ coding…? Or is it more binary, and beginner coding is knowing how to use all the tools, intermediate coding is using those tools in weird ways like that google interview question, and expert is creating webs of insanity?


Hi there,

Thank you for putting together a great app for beginners like me to learn JavaScript.

A couple of things I noticed on this page that I wanted to suggest as edits:

  1. The 5th paragraph should say “ whether you wish to learn more about coding fundamentals“

  2. The first Career Karma link leads a 404 error page

Otherwise, thanks for this app, and for the informative page it leads to here.

Have a safe and healthy day/week/month/year.



I was using playing a game then an Ad. I’m so angry waiting for the seconds to pass let me skip, then the advert says things you can do with one hand, grasshopper. Ooooops I give a try and guess what! I just had an amazing week with grasshopper especially during this quarantine. I’m kind of bored now that it is over. I’ll check some links and above and continue playing on code ground.

COVID-19 has helped to learn something new :joy::joy::joy:. I love grasshopper and I think I will continue coding. It’s cool


As a suggestion perhaps you could sign post to courses for specific type of project - i.e. as a beginner - i have ideas for projects - but little idea what tech I need to learn in order to execute them.

hi @Grasshopper_Heather
can we make aaps from javascript for android,in a smartphone
if yes then please tell from where
if no then which aap will do this in pc
(i don’t have pc that’s why i am asking)

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I think android apps use java…


yes you are right but you can make android apps in pc by react-native(most probably)
but is their a option to make it in android itself
btw thanks for your reply :hugs:@doodleboy

and is their a way to stay in touch with others in this forum

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Thanks guys what a great experience this was! Keep up the good work!

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i want to know i choosed free code camp to compelet so i have to start a new language or there is some skills about java script and if i want to make a webpage i have to now mor about html and css or what i taked enough :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, @Grasshopper_Ben, I was wondering is pickrandom a javascript code or one that is used in the app, like print()?

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A big thank to Grasshopper team.
I found this while searching for some e-learning apps during lockdown and now I can proudly say I have learnt something during this pandemic period.

If mods and admins are active, then do share links of other learning programs by google. Thanks :slight_smile:
@Grasshopper_Heather @Grasshopper_Ben

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