Sun or Moon explainer

Aim of this puzzle:
Use boolean control to determine the outcome of an SVG shape.

Walk through of the solution:
The boolean values of true and false can be used with if statements to control the flow of your code. If a condition is true, then one block of code runs. If it’s false, a different block of code runs instead.

In the code that you start off with, the sunOrMoon function selects a time from the times array. If time includes'pm', then it outputs a moon. If time doesn’t include'pm', then it outputs a sun. As it is, the boolean control inside the if statement is incorrect - boolean values are not strings. As a result, the function always outputs a sun. In this puzzle, you’ll change the value from the string 'true' to the boolean true so the function runs properly.

To complete the puzzle, change'true' to true inside the if statement. Tap the play button inside Example Solution a few times to see the moon when a time with 'pm' gets picked.

Sample code solution:
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let times = ['7am', '9am', '5pm', '8pm'];
let circle = svg.append('circle').attr('r',50).attr('cx', 100).attr('cy', 50);

function sunOrMoon (times) {
    let time = pickRandom(times);
    if (time.includes('pm') === true){
       circle.attr('fill', 'rgb(227,224,219)');
       svg.append('circle').attr('r', 50).attr('cx', 130).attr('cy', 50).attr('fill', 'rgb(19,50,74)');   
    } else {
       circle.attr('fill', 'rgb(252, 212, 64)');



JavaScript Concepts: Variable, If Statement, Boolean Control, String
D3 Concepts: Attribute, .append()

This makes no sense whatsoever, this is the exact same code that is given to us!!! What is it that you have to change to get the correct answer???

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