Subsequence explainer

Hi. I’m stuck on why my code is incorrect.

i am stuck here.What to do ?

there is no lastindex option

no lastindex option is present here in my tray

But how can minIndex === false? Isn’t it an integer?

Here’s how I solved it. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I am trying to do this puzzle but I can’t even though I read the instructions. This is the trickiest puzzle on the course. I cannot understand anything. Can someone help me?

I’m not getting any error, but it also doesn’t approve my solution. It just keeps suggesting the support forum…

Just changed my index name to “index”.

I need help! Please give me help like a support forum.


Ben I can’t understand the code

It’s good…i copied it.

Are you on any social media…:wink:

Can anybody hep me pls

Hi need help please I can’t spot the error it is stating that if the map[letter] is true it should run the findnext thing

Hello Ben I’m being trying i always said to my selft “you can do it” This is very easy everytime when after tried for a while hours" i hope i Will pass it soon.


Hey, I don’t get what I’m doing wrong
If someone knows what I’m doing wrong :sweat_smile:

ben what i am doing wrong.