State Your Goal explainer

The aim of this puzzle: To print out the sentence ‘I am going to climb a mountain’.
Review concepts: The achievements ‘Used a Function’ and ‘Used a String’ unlock the ability to complete this puzzle.
Review puzzles: Try taking another a look at the puzzles ‘Gabonese Flag Helper’, ‘This is Your Year’ and ‘Passphrase Generator’ to get an idea of how to use print() and strings.
Sample code solution:
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Since this is part of the final topic of the fundamentals course and it is testing your knowledge, there is no sample solution code.

JavaScript Concepts: Strings
Grasshopper Concepts: print()

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I put The correct code, but continuos wrong


Hey @Breno_Eduardo_Coelho,

Could you share a screenshot of the code you’re using? That was I can try to spot what needs to be changed.

H :slight_smile:

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Attached image, thank you

Hey @Breno_Eduardo_Coelho,

You’ve got a small typo stopping you from progressing (don’t stress over it — I do stuff like this all the time!). You’re printing ‘I am going to climb a montain’, when it should be ‘I am going to climb a mountain’ . You’re just missing the letter ‘u’.

H :slight_smile:

My translate mistake :slight_smile:

In Portuguese whe write “montanha”, without the letter “u”.

Thanks a lot

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I just inserted an emoji and it going crazy, Sims like I brake the code

This is an issue that happens if you select the emoji from the autofill suggestion in your keyboard. Thanks for letting us know!


I put in the right code but it won’t work

Maybe check your spelling. It should contain this exactly: 'climb a mountain', all lowercase.


I’m doing that but it still won’t work.

Put a space at the end of mountian

I think I’m doing this right but it says that its wrong

I am having the same problem but I don’t have any typos

Hey there, try posting a screenshot and I can take a look!