Started from the Top explainer

I have the same code as you do but the app doesn’t accept it. I posted a screenshot of my code below

Take a look at the .append('circle'). Notice that there is an .attr() attached to the 'circle' string. When you chain calls, .append().attr().attr().attr(), make sure that each one is attached to the closing parenthesis of the previous one. To do that, highlight the entire .append('circle') when adding the next .attr(). If only the 'circle' is highlighted, it will try to add the .attr() to the 'circle' string.


This was very helpful. Thank you!

Write this it will work surely 100%–> var balloon=svg.append(‘circle’).attr(‘fill’, ‘red’).attr(‘r’, 35’).attr(‘cy’, 35).attr(pickRandom(position));

I dont have var so I chose Let at the beginning of the code

I have tried this several times and am getting nowhereScreenshot_20190501-171907_Grasshopper

Hey there, I’ve moved your post to this thread.

On the keyboard, there should be a key for position. Use that as an argument, rather than writing ‘position’ as a string.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hey what exactly is wrong with my code? Everything looks right to my eye.

Looks like you are creating a variable named balloon with the value svg.append('circle'), but then aren’t using it.

Replace the 2nd svg.append('circle') with balloon, and the puzzle should complete.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Having trouble with my code being accepted!!!

Hey there, see the reply I wrote to another user here. That should solve the problem.

Hope this helps!

The change did not work either!

Hey there, can you post another screenshot of your code after making the change?


Hey there, change svg.append('balloon') to just balloon, so that you are using the variable that you created on the first line of code.

Hope this helps!

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I am frustrated with it . ! Help me i beg you .

Hey there, you have the same error as many other users in this thread, so take the time to read through some of the other posts.


Hey I am having trouble completing Started from the Top and for some reason there is no var button but the let button is there

Hey there, once you learn let in Fundamentals II, you’ll use that instead of var in all other puzzles/courses, including this puzzle.

Hope this helps!