Sometimes im clearly wrong but it doesn't catch the mistakes

I’ll purposely put the wrong choose and it says correct wtf!

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Hey @Suzanne_Silvis,

You’re mistakes probably aren’t mistake-y enough!

We don’t always require the output of your solution to look exactly like the output of the example solution. For example, in Gabonese Flag you can draw as many boxes are you like, as long as somewhere in there is the correct shape and colors of the flag of Gabon. In that puzzle, you need to be able to show you can use the drawBox() function — so if you draw some extra boxes its not a problem.

For the quizzes there is only one correct answer; if you’re seeing the wrong answer being shown as correct that’s a bug we’d love to look into.

Sometimes (and sometimes more than sometimes) the puzzles do solve for code that is really incorrect. If you notice that happening, reach out and let us know which card (either through this forum or by sharing feedback in the phone).

Finally — thanks for using Grasshopper! Hope you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:

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Hi @Grasshopper_Heather,

You might consider requiring exactly correct output; incorrect output could indicate a flaw in understanding. Plus, when the customer asks for a Gabonese flag, that should be exactly what the customer gets. If you ask for a function to calculate pi, you won’t be able to use a function which includes it in a haiku. :slight_smile: