Some problems in the app

Hi. Thanks for your fantastic app.
I see some issues in the app,

  1. In the dashboard, I can’t switch to another section of the header, after I go to one of them.
  2. In the questions, answers box are very sensitive handle, so if you want to scroll down, it’s maybe check one of box’s.

Also, if they ask a question, they should make the right answer an option

Hey there, thanks for your feedback!

If this is an issue in the mobile app, try submitting a bug report by navigating to the Settings menu and selecting “Report a bug”.

If this is on the website, tap the ... button at the top-right of the page and select “Send Feedback”.


Hey there, 2 is the correct answer, as there are 2 b’s in the string 'bob r r r'.

Thanks for your attention. I reported that bug in my phone.