Show Me Your Hand explainer

The aim of this puzzle: Add a card to your hand in the takeTurnAndShowHand function.
Walkthrough of the solution: There is a function called drawCard that produces a random card from a deck. You want to use that function to get a card and then add that card to your hand before showing it. The cards in your hand are stored in an array called myHand – you can add an item to the bottom of an array using .push(). That means you can draw a card and add it to your hand using myHand.push(drawCard()); Just remember to use this command inside of the takeTurnAndShowHand function before the print loop.
Sample code solution:
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function drawCard(){
  return {
    value: pickRandom(13), 
    suit:  pickRandom([
function takeTurnAndShowHand(){
  for (var card of myHand){
    print(card.value + ' of ' + card.suit);


JavaScript Concepts: Binary Expression (+ concatenation), Code Block (function), Calling Functions, Call Nesting
Grasshopper Concepts: pickRandom()