Shape Up explainer

Just tap on it and tap below it. Most of the time it’s learn how to work this app because it’s on mobile. It should pop up. I had to figure it out myself.

Hey, I’ve been stuck in this one for 2 days. What exercises can I review to know what to do. I honestly have no idea.

Never mind, I finally got it! Nothing like getting stuck, and making lots of mistakes to really imprint the right thing in your brain. At least I hope i won’t forget.


See after [ lastindex = last rule

Give above output rather than [lastIndex]= last rule

Probably a bug

Hey there, make sure all of array[lastIndex] is highlighted before adding the =. You can highlight the whole thing by clicking/tapping right between the ‘y’ in ‘array’ and the ‘[’ of the opening array bracket.

We’re working on a fix to make this a bit easier, but for now, this should get you through it.

Hope this helps!

what is the problem with this code? please help me, thank you

Hey there, rather than setting the value of index to 0 and then changing its value on the next line, just set it’s value in the variable declaration. That way you only need one line. Like this:

let index = array.length - 1
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Ok, I’m stuck here. When inputting array, I can’t seem to input into the function.

Hey there, double tap/click on the underline inside the parentheses in the function declaration, like this:

function setLastValue(__)

That will bring up the keyboard, and then you can type in the name of the parameter, i.e. array

Hope this helps!

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Something seems wrong with the code-examples on this page. Theyre all missing atleast a line, making it difficult to understand the code. Tried to embed a screenshot here, but it wasnt accepted.

Thanks for letting us know. Try sending in a bug report and getting a screenshot that way.

Try tapping the 3-dot menu at the top-right of the puzzle screen, then selecting “Send Feedback”. A screenshot should attach automatically, but you can take and attach additional screenshots to the bug report.


I’ll try again, maybe it works
But I think the code is in a window, and I just needed to slide the code to the side to see it, but it was only by luck I discovered I could slide it😀

Ok, I see the issue now. That’s actually expected behavior for markdown code blocks, and not a bug with the app. The text won’t wrap to a new line like non-code text normally would, which is what you want when you’re trying to display code.

Markdown is used on forums, blogs, and other websites all over the internet, so you’ll see this sort of thing on other sites as well.

Need assistance

yeah, i have the same problem.

Hey there, add some arguments to the function call, like this:

setLastValue(shapes, 'hexagon')

Apologies for posting so frequently but it told me ‘No! I did good again…’ My head hurts…

I’m gonna hang up now… Not understanding how it’s running, why it’s running, why it’s giving the right results and why it’s indicating we (it and I) are so very wrong. For different codes.

Might have found part of the problem: kept trying to go back to the previous lesson “All About Indexing” (which is all greyed out and won’t let me review it, just keeps pushing me on), and I kept scrolling inside the lesson but scrolling outside reveals a whole lotta blank. Not sure if what I need was in the blank… Goes on for a bit.

Hey there, make sure to write your code inside the function declaration. Try reading the puzzle explainer at the top of this thread for a thorough explanation. Let me know if you have any questions.

As for the issue with the previous lesson showing up as blank, try submitting a bug report by tapping the ... button at the top-right of the screen and selecting “Send Feedback”. That will send us some information about your browser that will help us recreate the issue on our end, which makes fixing it a lot easier!

Let me know if you have any more questions.