Screen Rotation on Ipad

Does the app lock the ability for an iPad to switch to landscape orientation? I can’t use my keyboard in portrait mode. If there is a way for me to change this, please let me know, as it is super frustrating.


Hey @Martha,

Thanks for the feedback!

We’re not currently optimized for iPads (or tablets in general), but the app should work — it may just look a bit odd. We also don’t support landscape orientation quite yet.

Really appreciate you sharing this feedback, it helps us priortize new features!

H :slight_smile:

Hey Heather!

Thank you for getting back to me. I really am enjoying the app. I am new to coding, but have worked with excel and SQL for a few years. The app is really helping me conquer the fear of learning to code.

The thing that I am finding challenging is getting the right syntax from my iPhone, although I love the fact that I can pass the time on the streetcar by using the app on my phone. I thought using my iPad with the attached keyboard would make that easier, but the incorrect orientation makes my iPad keyboard useless. Unless I like cranking my head!

I think it would also help to see an example of the correct syntax. I really appreciated when it prompted me to reset, after I had erased everything I had tried. I can see how someone would give up at that point, but the support section is very helpful.

Great product - I am going to keep persevering!