Robot Repair explainer

Thanks for letting us know! This course was originally created to be viewed on mobile devices, which have a different sized webview window (the area where you see the code output). Some of these puzzles still need to be updated now that they are available on our website.

Please tell me why it is not showing me the congratulations screen .i have done everything right

Looks like you have a few numbers input as strings. Try using the num key to add numbers to the code.

On the rightArm, try changing .attr('height', '5') to .attr('height', 5), and .attr('x', '130') to .attr('x', 130)

Hope this helps!

I keep getting the message:
Fix the rightArm by copying the 'height' , 'width' , and 'fill' attributes from leftArm . The set its 'x' attribute to 130 and its 'y' attribute to 75 .
Let me post a screenshot of my code.

What is the problem?

I do not see the congratulations screen.

Never mind! My first attempt was just saying "hiight" instead if "height".

What is the problem?

‘hight’ to ‘height’
that how you write …

than how to solve it . i still can’t understand . help

I had the same problem. i’ll try from my mobile so it seems to have a glitch. the code has been put well and it throws an error in right arm