Retake Single Lessons

There should be an option to retake a single lesson (“Drawing Shapes”, “Variables”, etc.) without having to reset all progress in the app. There’s even a natural place for the option in the card that pops up when you click the title.

Hey there,

If you open a puzzle that you have already completed, you will be asked if you would like to reset the puzzle. You can also try resetting a puzzle manually by tapping the reset button on the code keyboard. There is no need to reset all progress in the app.

Hope this helps!

note hope and pray for a version of grasshopper running on Ubuntu Linux operating system, downloadable. as of this date only “iPad , android”, ( no Linux.) thanks…

Hey there, our mobile app is downloadable on both iOS and Android. The web version of our app is available on all platforms at You can access this site from any browser, regardless of whether you are on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS.