Reporting Discobot bug

Thanks Grasshopper team!
@Grasshopper_Eric , @Grasshopper_Ben, @Grasshopper_Natalie and @Grasshopper_Heather
you guys are awesome!
Wanted to share a bug report with you.
What is the best way to do this?
I tried before to @mention you in my dialog with @discobot, though please let me know the best way.
Here is my bug report:
So I’d say this is a bug in @discobot
This was based on @discobot’s message to me here:
At the time I was using the mobile editor, which @discobot could have known, and modified his or her reply.
Unless I missed those buttons in the mobile editor.
If you agree this is a bug, am I able to track it (and be notified with updates) in some type of Bug Tracker?
Thanks team!
Please let me know how I can help.

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Hi team!
I also wanted to report another bug, this time with the Editor, here and here.
Thanks Grasshoppers!
Please let me know how I can help!