Replacing its all explainer I'm stuck plz help

At the bottom of the code:

  • Add another console.log(), using updateAllNames() as an argument
  • Update the updateAllNames() function call to use the arguments (travelDocument, ‘grasshoper’, ‘grasshopper’)

This was the instructions
And this is what I did

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Hey There, You Know That The Last Instruction says that.
Update the updateAllNames() function call to use the arguments(travelDocument, 'grasshoper', 'grasshopper'.

So The Only Common Mistake About This is That People Dont Look at 'grasshoper' and add double 'grasshopper' Then. So Change The Second console.log to This.

console.log(updateAllNames(travelDocument, 'grasshoper', 'grasshopper'));

Make Sure You Add Grasshoper instead of grasshopper ok.

Hope That Helps.



Thank you very much you are the first person to reach out to me and ill do that.

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Hope That Helps. Because I Just Finished The Puzzle.

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Ya me too right I already finished that puzzle today tight now I’m in array manipulation topic in the first lesson

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Please help I don’t know what to do

Update the value for numberOfDestinations to be equal to the .length property of listOfDestinations

I’m in Africa right now

Which Topic You Are Right Now. Array Manipulation Or What?.

Yes I’m in that topic

I did it it was easy I was just taking it hard

How Can’t I Find How Many Topic in Array Manipulation. What I Saw Is.

Traveller’s Choice
Ice Cream Quantity
Slice Of Pizza
Slice Of Pie
On the Shelf
More Ice Cream Please
Off The Shelf
Sold Out
Fruit Basket
Fiction Filter
Nut Free
Movie Marathon

That is The Topics I Saw.

Mine are

How many
Fixed the data
A new place
A new way
What’s in the list
Time to go
Night and day
Used an array method
Finding a good deal
What’s the deal

I Thought That Is Inside The Practice.

And By The Way, Since I Found it. Now I Can Help You.

I revealed a solution and given a new topic and that topic is called slice of pizza

Solved That Already.

Add .slice(..., ...); To pizza. And Then, You Know That There is 7 Slices Of Pizzas With Diffrent Sizes. But for Now, it has six. Add What Ever You Like To The First argument of .slice() Lesser That 6. Then The Second Arguement, Add Something Greater That The Number You Wrote. Like This. `pizza.slice(4, 5);.

Thx so much

You Welcome. Great To See Me Workings Works.