Relevance and Syntax

I did the whole app in 4 days and then headed to the forum, where I found that many have the same questions I did while using the app:
The main issue has been why the app codes do what they do. I want to know how to write JavaScript, outside of html browsers, and instead am learning Grasshopper, which isn’t the same. Is there a way you can do sub-levels for this in categories that introduce new keywords, where the sub-levels teach you what code functions of JavaScript are used to make the Grasshopper function that is useless outside of Grasshopper? For example, how is a shape drawn in svg to be used here? What would the code look like to get a circle shape? Or to make the ‘fill’ feature? And what about input? You ask is to input values, but never teach us how to make dynamic variables that the user can input.

And syntax; where does all of this go in relation to each other and to the IDE it’s being programmed on?

I am entertained by the app, and slightly educated, but when I don’t know what the JavaScript is, I’m not learning JavaScript, just Grasshopper equivalent. How do you call a library in JavaScript (ie. svg and d3) from their source? Where can you access these libraries to use?

What if I want to use JavaScript outside of the internet? I read an instruction that says you need <!DOCTYPE>, , , ‘tags’, but what if I don’t want it in html, just JavaScript? And why are no tags used here if they are necessary.

The alphabet does no good without knowing how the letters go together to form words, sentences, paragraphs, and books - the syntax. In the same way, coding does no good if you don’t know how things start, relate to other parts, or end.

So frustrated that NO ONE seems to have a good teaching method for programming, and it seems at this time that there aren’t enough resources to find the missing pieces because they all teach different ways!
I know this is a lot, but it’s really only the tip of the iceberg for questions.
I wish there was a coding apprenticeship program. Lol

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Hey there, thanks for your feedback!

There are a few custom functions we use in the app that you can read more about in this post. Our Animations courses use the D3 library, which you can read more about here, as well as learn how to use on your own, outside of Grasshopper.

When I was starting out in JavaScript (not very long ago!), a resource I found really helpful was Gordon Zhu’s Watch and Code series of video tutorials. It focuses on working on JavaScript within a web development context, but this is a good place to start when working in your own environment for the 1st time.

Some other great (free) resources that I found useful when I learned programming:
The Coding Train
Fun Fun Function

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thank you for the input. I’m reviewing those sources now.
What about sources for programming OUTSIDE of web development? Can JavaScript do that? Are there any computer languages that translate from any language? Like, a code of C++ that runs JavaScript by automatically changing the commands to be C++ commands? (Such as:

if (string userInput == “console.log()”)

Or reads a function ( like /#include<iostream> / and /int_main_()/ from C++ ) and rephrases it in the preferred language ( such as /<!DOCTYPE>/ and /<body>/ (respectively) in JavaScript)?

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Hey there,

You can indeed use JavaScript outside of web development, and the last several years has seen an explosion in its popularity and usage. Check out Node.js, which allows you to run JavaScript outside of the browser.

JavaScript outside of web development looks exactly the same. The guide you saw that showed you stuff like <DOCTYPE> and <body> was showing you HTML. The guide was likely showing you how to link a javascript file to an html file.

I unfortunately won’t be able to help you get set up with Node, as I must reserve my time for helping users with Grasshopper or general JavaScript concepts, however there are plenty of resources and guides online that can help you get set up. The official site for Node.js can be found here. I recommend reading more about it and watching some YouTube tutorials first, rather than installing it right away. This reddit discussion seems to recommend this video tutorial. I haven’t watched these videos personally, however.

Good luck on your journey!

Thank you much. I will definitely check all of it out. I need to know it precisely and I appreciate the resources and feedback greatly. The videos at watch and code seem helpful, though I haven’t been through them all yet. One way or another, I will figure it out. :smiley: