Regarding CareerKarma

I was informed that after doing the courses from Grasshopper I can join CareerKarma. But CareerKarma is not available in my country. Will it ever be? And what should I do after Grasshopper?


Interested to see the response.

Hey there, I’m sorry to say that our partnership with CareerKarma is only open to users in the US.

You still have a ton of opportunities to continue your growth after Grasshopper, and almost all of them are free. I wrote about it once here.

In summary, I recommend (1) signing up for some other programming forums such as on Reddit or Stack Overflow, and (2) Finding and subscribing to programming YouTube channels.

If you want to go the paid route, you should be able to access sites like Udemy, Udacity, Khan Academy, and Codecademy from outside the US. They have a mix of free and paid courses.

Hope this helps!