Recurring frustration

Hey, grasshopper community, I’m trying to get the hang of using code on my own in the code playground, and I’ve run into this problem several times. When I create a function, it only shows up in the “command” section as a word with parentheses. Sometimes, calling the function requires the word without the parentheses, but it’s not always available.
For example: I copied the code in the picture below directly from one of the practice lessons. Everything is exactly the same, except I can’t find the word “fall” without parentheses. When i use the one with parentheses, the function call doesn’t work right. As soon as I hit play, the ball falls, no clicking required.
The word “fall” in the function call from the practice lesson “Falling Down” looks like a variable, yet nowhere in the visible code is that variable set.
Is that what I’m missing? How would I do that in this scenario?
Thanks for your help!

Ok, well, I feel sheepish. I decided to experiment while I waited for a response, and it worked! It was simpler than I expected.
Any thoughts on other ways to do this? (Just for grins and giggles)

Glad to hear you got past the problem! When the code keyboard is out of room, some of the keys will appear on different pages, and you’ll have to swipe to the left/right to access them. On complex puzzles with lots of keys, there can sometimes be several pages of keys.

Hope this helps!

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I have noticed the code keyboard is much bigger in the code playground, but I don’t think that was the problem. I did swipe all the way on both ends several times looking for it, but that’s ok, I know how to make it work now. Thanks!

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