Randomized Cumulative Quizzes at the End

After finishing the app, there doesn’t seem to be anything left but the playground. Even then, the playground doesn’t have the d3 library yet. I feel like it would be nice to have be able to take a random cumulative test that goes over topics from all three sections (kind of like Dulingo). I know I get rusty on languages quickly unless I actively keep up with it, and I would love to be able to keep up with languages on my phone instead of having to go onto my desktop like most other applications. I really like the app, but it’s upsetting that there is no reason for me to open it anymore. Even streaks are not saved because there are no more lessons left to complete. It would be amazing to have something to come back to daily after completing the normal sections. :smile:

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Hey @mysteryguy3039,

Firstly, congrats on making it through the whole app!

Thanks for the feedback!! We completely agree! We have plans to offer similar content to what you are suggestion (maybe not quite at a daily frequency initially!) — so watch this space.

And although not great for mobile, you can also check out our Animations playground where you can use the D3 library to manipulate shapes.

H :slight_smile:


That is a great suggestion, I would like that as well @Grasshopper_Heather. I also find that helping others on the support pages keeps your knowledge in check and even expand your knowledge on what to solve and how people think. Think of what you liked and how you can now use this to create something you wanted or would like to do. So many possibilities good luck :slight_smile:


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