Progress do not save

Today for the 2nd time i had to do last “fundamentals” topic along with practise part. Looks like progress do not save after I close the app.

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Edit: Please update the app to the newest version – currently 1.21.4. This should prevent your progress from resetting. After the update, your progress should not reset anymore so you can continue solving the puzzles from there. If you need progress to be restored, please follow the steps below. Either way, after updating, your completed puzzles should stay completed – the steps below are to unlock puzzles that were unlocked (and erased) before updating to version 1.21.4.


There’s a bug that’s affecting some users which makes their progress not save. If you report this through the app and tell us which puzzle you should be on, we can unlock it for you.

  1. Open the app
  2. Profile > Report a Bug > Report a Problem
  3. Write something like: “Progress lost. I should be on the Image Decoder puzzle”, or “I already finished Fundamentals, and I should be on the Winter Is Coming puzzle in Fundamentals II”

Thanks for flagging this issue,


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Stuck at French flag after quiz. Hangs

The thing is that “not saving” happens all the time… Very annoying because I have to spend a lot of time to get achievements few times in a row… And process is not saving.