Problem with certificate

Hello, Today i complete a course of the app and when i try to save to photos the certificate i have this error message:

How can i solve this? I need the certificate.

Hey there. That sounded like a bug. Try close and open the Grasshopper app. If it’s not working, try sending a bug report.

P :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s Right. It Do Seems To Be A Bug. But, Have You Ever Let Grasshopper Access Your Storage. If You Don’t Then Try To Give it Permission On Your Phone’s Settings.

Settings > App Permisions > Grasshopper App

And Now Enable Access To Storage.

I give the permision to the storage and It still happening

Yeah same here, granted and revoked permission several times now, doesn’t work. Nokia 7 Plus on Android 10.

What! How. Let Me Gave This Picture To You. This is The Picture about the permission.

There is one and only permission and that is “Storage”. If it doesn’t do anything, Maybe The App Has A Bug Or Your Phone Has A Bug.

It Maybe The App’s Bug Because It Should Have Granted Permission But The App Didn’t Noticed It. Maybe Restart The App Might Solve It.