Practice Section on the web( site) missing?

Hello there,

I noticed when using the grasshopper App on my Smartphone there is a very cool “practice” section. Unfortunately i was not able to find the practice section when i use grasshopper on my computer on . Can you perhaps help me and tell me how i can access the practice section when i use the site?

thx in advance for your help


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it would be really great, if someone could tell me, if and how its possible to access the practice section over the website of Or if the grasshopper team could add the practice section to the site.

thx in advance for any help.

Hey there,

For now, the Practice section is only available on our mobile app.

Hope this helps!

Hey there Grasshopper_Ben,

Thanks for your answer. Well, it’s a pity that the practice section is only available on the mobile app, but thanks for replying!


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Hey there, @littlegrasshopper. For now, the practice section is only in Grasshopper mobile app.

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@Pummarin_The_gamer really? my question, that I posted in February by the way, was already answered from Grasshopper_Ben. I seriously thought that, when I saw, that there is a new comment, that now it’s possible to use the practice section on the web.

Hey there @littlegrasshopper (love the name, btw),

Our practice course is still mobile-only, though we are adding new features to our website regularly, such as the Grasshopper Gallery we launched last week.

Hope this helps!

Hi there, @littlegrasshopper (I like your name btw).

The practice section is still mobile-only.



It’s been so many years, can we have the PC practice please? Does anyone still work on this app?