Please i need a help i want to codeplay ground and it said i should turn on my data or sign in with Google and i have done it but still is not working

Register and share a sum and make a new email id to sign in and then you can use it

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How do i register and share a sum?

If you start without signing in it will surely show error *sign in with Google and you have to turn on your mobile data oo​:laughing::sweat_smile:

I have signed in with Google and turn on my data but still is not working

Then you have to restart your system

Okay i will restart and let you know when it’s done

I have cleared the data of this app and resign in with my Google account but still it’s not working

Then uninstall it and then install it from Google Play Store. Otherwise it’s your device problem. You need to try it in another device

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I have the same problem except I can’t even get in it just tells me to sign in even though I think I have

You really need to sign in with your Google account otherwise it will surely ask you to sign in before you start a sum in code playground

I have done that several times but still it’s not working

I consult Mr Ben one of the 8 moderatorso but he hasn’t responded

Oops, then you have to do normal sums or you have to make a new email and try signing in with it.
Try giving it a last chance.
Regards Anisha Chakraborty