Please help me with this infinite looping circle 😒

Hi there, Ben. When I am in the code playground (In Grasshopper website which is called Gallery XD), it shows me infinite looping circle. Is this a bug? Please help me, any help will be appreciated! :cry:

Here is the screenshot:

Hello @Pummarin_The_gamer. I Knew That Problem. Is Your Internet Slow. Maybe Is Because That The Page Didn’t Load Properly Or The Internet Connection Is Slow To Load The Picture. Try To Reload The Page Again And If It Still Happens, Try To Check The Connection. Or If The Both Solution Didn’t Work. Try Sending A Bug Report.

Hope That Helps


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Hey there, it looks like you’re accessing the Grasshopper website using a mobile browser, which might be causing the problem. The Grasshopper app will give you the best experience on a mobile device, while the website is best experienced on a desktop/laptop computer.

If you see the same issue when using the site on a computer, please send in a bug report.


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Please update the web app of grasshopper for Android that it gives nice performance

@Aaron_Abraham This seems does not work at all. After I update it, it keeps showing an infinite looping circle. I already read the post from @Grasshopper_Ben.

P :slightly_smiling_face:

Please help me with the final phase solution
I have try everything