Please explain string cartography

Hello I’m flora can you please explain string cartography

Pls. share the screenshot

Ok I’ll share it with you asap

type or paste code here
This i that

This is yhst

Thankyou @ flora :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Now what do I need to do

Is it in fundamentals 1 or it’s in fundamentals 2 ?

It’s in intro to interviewing

I’m also in Intro to interviewing but I didn’t reach till string cartography. So I think you have to take help from someone else.
Regards Anisha Chakraborty

That’s ok when you finish it share your answer with me thanks for your help


Hope this helps.

fiz a primeiro passo, como avançar, depois que conseguir executar a bandeira da França?

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Hi, I have a small question… How did you write the [ ] ?
The lesson always tell me to write something right before them :frowning:

The yellow colour [ ]

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