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Can anyone help me out.

I use mobile and I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do in place of the drawbox( ) function in the code playground

I’d like to note the drawbox ( ) function does not show up in the list of functions when trying to use them

Hey, @Aliyah.
Who don’t you look at my post?
I created the biggest rainbow using drawBoxes().
To do this, insert drawBoxes() and choose any letter as colors you want.
Hope that help!

Hey, @charism. Very nice and cool program! This is not a memory problem, thought you’re hit a limit function call. At very top of the 1st code line, use disableLimits(); code to disable limit.

Hope that helps! If you have any questions then you can ask me.

Hey there, @Grasshopper_Ben. I did this today. Do you like it? (The project name is Basketball Game.) (Made with SVG and used .on() method to dunk a ball to the hoop.)

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Pretty bouncy, huh :grin:

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Hey, @Grasshopper_Ben. I did this today. Do you like it? (The project name is Flying Bird.) (Made with SVG and used .on() method to make a bird fly to the finish lane.)

In my new snippet, it will create a blue circle. Once it is clicked, the circle’s color will be changed to others.

I used my mobile phone and Grasshopper Gallery to make this. Here is a link of this snippet:

I hope you liked it, @Grasshopper_Ben!

Can anybody tell me whats wrong with it

Hi there guys here is

let Geo;
Geo = 'hebrew';
let BubbleShooter;
let bubble;
let shooter;
let shotgun;
let ellipse;

BubbleShooter = 'bbbbbbb bcbbbbb cccbbbb bcbbbbb bbbbbbb';
bubble = 'ddctcdd bbbbbbb bbbbbbb';
shooter = 'shot down gun';
shotgun = 'mini';

if (BubbleShooter === 'puzzle') {
   print('Shoot up guns');
} else {
   print('shoot to aim');

function shoot() {
   print('use minigun or minigame');

let blocks = 126;
let fillings = [red, green, blue, white, yellow, orange, black];
blocks + fillings;
if (blocks === 6666) {
} else {
  print('let us kill zombies and bubble and blocks');
let fireBalls = 'red and orange filled';
if (fireBalls === red) {
   print('no bullets');
} else {
   print('fire ball bullets');

So here’s a name expmale:

QKGJ 1347



How about this